I am Tom Young, a London architect and urban designer. This website displays material contributed volontarily to various debates about local improvement in different parts of London. As a "scrapbook", its rôle is to store material that's incomplete or no longer related to a current initiative or debate.

If the "production values" are basic, the site helps to organise the material and make it accessible. What's stored here might be useful now or in a new regeneration context so I plan to keep on adding to it.

The idea that ordinary London places have a town identity essential to our social life, is possibly anachronistic. London's local centres are less than convincing to many people, some powerful. But what's the alternative? This site is a piecemeal formulation of arguments for these London places which are subject to big demographic, institutional and commercial alterations anyway. There's plenty of work to do adjusting London's centres to new ways of life and changing popular expectations.

The database is organised by place and theme. You will see how it works. Make sure you click the record title to get the write-up for each record with the associated links.

I would welcome your comments. Scrapbook was made in 1280 x 1024 resolution, so is probably best viewed using the same.


email: Tom Young

tel: 020 7482 6150